MicroInspector - miRNA target site software

Version 1.5: NOW WITH miRBASE 17


This program was written by Vesselin Baev*
and Ventsislav Rusinov*.

MicroInspector is running by the Tabler lab at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology(IMBB), Heraklion, Greece and University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Dept. of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology (www.plantgene.eu) . The description of the program is published in the 2005 web issue of Nucleic Acid Research.

Please enter the target sequence to be analysed for miRNA binding sites:

Enter sequence accession number (GENBANK or TAIR)
or type (paste) in the Sequence submission text field
(sequences more than 5kb will slow your result, until the program is moved to the new server).

Then choose
an organism from the available miRNA database.
By default, the hybridization temperature is 37°C and free energy cut-off -20 kcal/mol.

*University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Dept. of Molecular Biology


For questions, comments and feedback concerning the MicroInspector
tool please contact Vesselin Baev - vebaev@gmail.com!

  NEW: miRNA Registry v.17
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 (in kcal/mol)


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